African Rights 
 Working for Justice
Africa's problems seen from an African perspective

African Rights is an organization dedicated to working on issues of grave human rights abuses, conflict, famine and civil reconstruction in Africa. The urgent motivation for setting up African Rights is that we have become acutely aware of the limitations upon existing human rights, humanitarian and conflict resolution approaches to Africa's most pressing problems. The United States/United Nations military occupation of much of Somalia has dramatically highlighted the shortcomings of current international approaches to problems of famine and war.

Any solution to Africa's problems--the emergency humanitarian needs just as much as the long-term demands for political reconstruction and accountability--must be sought primarily among Africans. International organizations should see their principal role as facilitating and supporting attempts by Africans to address their own problems. It is Africa's tragedy that the existing institutions for addressing these problems have not looked to the African people for answers. African Rights tries to give a voice to Africans concerned with these pressing issues, and to press for more accountability from the international community.
Director: Rakiya Omaar  
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