NRRDS - Nuba Relief, Rehabilitation and Development Society
P.O. Box 48169 - Nairobi - Kenya - Tel/fax: +254-2-448540 - Email:

The mission statement of NRRDS
The mission of NRRDS, as the primary indigenous non-government organization (NGO) in the war-torn region of the Nuba Mountains in Sudan, is to represent the humanitarian rights and interests of the people and to promote and facilitate the self-reliance of the people through programs and projects for relief, rehabilitation and development.

NRRDS carries out its mission by:

  1. advocating for justice, peace and human rights for the people;
  2. soliciting humanitarian aid and support;
  3. promoting and faciliting improved leadership and self-reliance;
  4. coordinating and managing technical and material assistance for relief, rehabilitation and development in the area.

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