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Who are the street children

They are children who cannot rely on their families to provide them what's necessary to live and grow up peacefully. Even though few of them still maintain some kind of bond with their parents, particularly with their mothers, street children live by their wits in the backstreets of huge cities, begging, collecting garbage to be recycled, committing thefts or prostituting themselves. In order to relieve the pangs of hunger, they often sniff glue, a cheap drug thus particularly harmful, which in the long term causes permanent damage to the brain and to the respiratory system. According to the last evaluations, 30.000 street children live in Nairobi today.

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Koinonia for the street children

The Koinonia Community in Nairobi is made up of ten young Kenyans. Some of them are students, others work in the field of social communications and data processing, and two of them are full-time educators. All of them devote part of their time and salary to a project for street children. The aim of this project is to offer the children a place where, aside from learning how to read and write, they can have hot meals, wash themselves and wash their clothes, play and practice sports.

From Kinonia to Kivuli

Thanks to the contribution of AIFO (Italian Association Friends of Raoul Follerau), the Koinonia Community is now able to perform this task in a new house with suitable rooms, specifically planned for the children reception and their activities. This new structure is named "Kivuli" which means "Refuge, shelter from the sun". Here children can meet together and share their problems in a positive environment, in a safe and proteced milieu. Here they are encouraged to discover their own talents and express themselves through music, dancing, sports and batik. The young people of the community are like elder brothers to them; they listen to the children, they advise and guide them. This project has been operating since 1993 with positive results. Almost 100 children make use of the centre regularly. Some of them are helped to go back to state school and elder children are following training courses in order to learn a trade. When possible, the community tries to renew contacts with their families. Also through preventive and informative initiatives, many mothers are encouraged to become more aware of their responsibilities and learn to take care of their children.

Adopt Kivuli

If you wish to do something for street children you can "adopt" the project developed in Koinonia. With 50,000 Italian lira, you'll contribute to the support and care of all the children living in the community. So this is not an individual adoption of only one child, but the adoption of the whole project "Kivuli". So no one child risks being excluded.
To "adopt" the Koinonia Project means to grant to all children who are asking for help the possibility to eat, to study and make positive choices for the future, experiencing the feeling of safety and love offered by adult care. In addition to a newsletter from the Amani Association, each three months you'll receive a letter from the person in charge of the project updating you on the progress of the programme and the condition of the children in Kivuli.

Long-distance adoption - How to subscribe

You just need to make a contribution of 50,000 Italian Lira per month for at least one year to either:

  • bank account no. 11140/1 - Associazione Amani ONLUS - Cariplo Ag. 49, via Giambellino 135 - Milan, Italy
In both cases it is important to specify your name and address, and the reason for the payment: "adozione a distanza".

We will be happy to give you any further information you may request. We are located in via Gonin, 8 2014 Milan (Italy) - Tel: (-3902.4121011/02.48303318. Fax: (-39) 02.48302707
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